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The Language of the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a surge in the usage of certain words and word collocations. The language of the Coronavirus outbreak includes phrases such as the ‘fight against’ Coronavirus, the ‘spread’ of Coronavirus, the ‘outbreak’ of Coronavirus and the ‘response to’ the virus. We’ve heard about the ‘pandemic’, the ‘crisis’, the ‘lockdown’, ‘panic buying’ at the supermarkets and the lack of ‘PPE’ in hospitals.

Students are learning new words and phrases as governments impose lockdowns, social distancing and other measures to deal with the threat of Coronavirus. There has also been some criticism of slogans and speeches from political leaders, resulting in a debate about appropriate language usage.

We’re exploring all this vocabulary of Coronavirus in our blog post and sharing some ideas for an EFL lesson using words and phrases highlighted by this global health crisis. Continue reading

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